Tree Leaves

Burning leaves is an old-fashioned practice that not only pollutes the air and causes health problems but also wastes beneficial nutrients present in leaf tissue

Homeowners should either attempt to mulch leaves into their lawn using a mulching mower, or compost leaves in a pile for later use in the garden. Organic matter in leaf compost enriches the soil in flower beds and gardens, and makes clay soil more workable early in the spring, by increasing the amount of organic matter.

For those who don't garden, curbside pickup is usually provided during the fall season by most municipalities, sometimes for a nominal vacuuming fee. Below we see a photo of a large curbside municipal leaf vac.

Large leaf vacuum


Ginkgo leaves
The ginkgo leaf, seen in its fall color, is
one of the most distinctive tree leaves

maple leaves with their red fall color
Bright red Maple leaves really
stand out with their fall color


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