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Remember the treehouse from your childhood?

For many of us, our first construction project was building a tree house in the backyard. These tree houses were usually built from scrap lumber we found or mooched from neighbors. Construction began with cross members to support the floor, and usually consisted of 2x4's and a few handfuls of nails. Work on the tree house proceeded as additional construction materials became available, so progress was usually slow, and occurring in stages.

Once our tree houses were finished (and maybe before) we might have an overnight camp out in the tree house with our friends. We would pack our flashlights and sleeping bags, as well as some midnight snacks. What great memories from these camp-outs of our youth!  In a celebration of tree houses, Longwood Gardens hosted a display of 3 tree houses during the summer of 2008.


Even though the structures weren't attached directly to the surrounding trees, they were definitely "in" the trees and gave the same appearance of tree houses of our youth, even though these were professionally built. Here we share photos of our visit. See if they bring back memories of your youth, or perhaps a desire for a new tree house in your future! 

Longwood Gardens - Nature's Castles


The Canopy Cathedral

The Canopy Cathedral
Treehouse stairways Treehouse Workshop constructed this beautiful tree house
Looking up at the huge Tulip Trees Tree house windows
Railing around a tree trunk Trees were left untouched
Pin Foundation supports Pin foundation
One footer of the pin foundation 5-foot long pins were used to minimize damage to the surrounding tree roots
The Birdhouse 'The Birdhouse' tree house
Looking up through the treehouse's roof Massive tree trunk extending up through the tree house's roof. The 2x8's came from a dismantled warehouse in Vancouver, British Columbia
Unique railing constructed from various tree trunks or branches by Treehouse Workshop Natural railing made from rough cut wood
Wooden bench Wooden bench contrasted by Douglas Fir flooring reclaimed from a dismantled factory in Toronto, Canada
The Lookout Loft


"Lookout Loft" tree house
The treehouse blends nicely with nature Forever Young built this ADA compliant treehouse at Longwood Gardens
Three tree trunks rise through the roof "Through the Roof"
Corner construction on the treehouse Quality craftsmanship is evident throughout the treehouse


Topping Trees

Surface Tree Roots

Lawn Mushrooms


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