Tree Anomalies

Irregularities and oddities in trees as captured in photos

While observing trees, we often come across what we'll call tree anomalies or oddities - anything out of the ordinary related to tree growth, bark callusing, burls or strange branching on trees. Below is our initial collection of tree photos, a photo collection we'll continue to build in the coming years as more tree anomalies are discovered and captured with our digital camera.


Tree Photo Gallery #1
Unusual and bizarre trees

Burly Redwood

Burl on a huge Redwood tree in Redwood National & State Parks in northern California


Redwood burl

Linden tree mates

Tree Mate

Crimean Linden at the
Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The 'Rock Eater'

This tree in Cook Forest eats rocks for breakfast!

tree eating a rock

rock-eating tree

Rock Eater II

This tree in The Botanical Gardens at Asheville eats rocks for lunch!


Root Expose'

A fast running creek has kept these roots exposed!


stream roots

cactus tree

Cactus Tree

Upper St. Clair Pennsylvania is home to this old dead tree trunk that's been whittled into a cactus

The Deer Antler Tree

This roadside Maple tree in Washington County, Pennsylvania will catch your eye, and maybe even your shirt, if you pass too close

Deer antler tree
Mr. Sleepy Tree

Mr. Sleepy Tree

Mr. Black (locust) lives near Bridgeville Pa and has closed his eyes for an afternoon nap

Dorothy Tree

Instead of growing in Oz this 'Dorothy Tree' reaches down to grab unsuspecting passersby in Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Dorothy tree
spotted tree

Seeing Spots?

Sycamore trees attract a lot of interest due to their spotted bark


Ficus trunk at a Pittsburgh botanical garden

tree driftwood


A country stream turned this fallen tree into driftwood


This tree wants to be a duck!

duckbill tree
Rocky... the tree


Who says trees can't grow in rock?


Tree Photo Gallery #2
West Coast Fungus Amongus

Incense Cedar Fungus

Oligoporous Amarus flew in from California to visit the forestry show at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Incense Cedar Fungus

Quinine Fungus

Formitopsis Officinalis is the same quinine used in medicine and considered a valuable find

Quinine Fungus

Velvet Top Fungus

Phacolus Schweinitzii - Try saying that name fast three times!

Velvet Top Fungus

Indian Paint Fungus

Echinodontium Tinctorium

Indian Paint Fungus

Red Ring Rot Fungus

Phellinus (Fomes) Pini

Red Ring Rot Fungus


Tree Photo Gallery #3
Trees in collections

Chickamauga Tree Trunk

This shrapnel-ridden tree stood 100 feet from the battle lines of the 78th Pennsylvania Volunteers during the Battle of Chickamauga in 1863. Following the Civil War, Colonel Blakely returned to his former battlefield to bring home a memento from the "Gettysburg of the West." Shrapnel seen in the accompanying x-ray includes grape shot, musket balls, and 10-pounder shell fragments.
Heinz History Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Chickamauga tree trunk


Trees vs Grass

Trimming Weeping Cherry Trees

Tree Bark and Trunks


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