Flowering Crabapple Trees

The #1 selling flowering tree!

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Genus: MALUS

What tree could possible say SPRING better than the flowering crabapple tree?  That's probably why the crabapple holds first place as America's best selling flowering tree.
When crabapples are in full bloom, the view from any hilltop is splashed with bright pastel colors. The display is so vivid and awe inspiring that viewers will always ask, "What kind of trees are those?"
Various forms of crabapple include uprights, weepers, rounded and irregular shapes.
Plant breeders and nurserymen have continued to develop new varieties of flowering crabapples with attributes like improved disease resistance, and smaller dwarf and semi-dwarf forms in order to fit the confines of smaller gardens.
The flowering crabapple is a tree of all seasons. Spring blossom colors include white, red, pink, and maroon. Fall fruit colors range from red to orange, and burgundy to gold, and are always a winter favorite of birds.
Here we'll take a peek at some photos of crabapples in all their Spring glory....

flowering crabapple
flowering crab
crabapple blossoms
crabapple in full bloom
white flowering crabapple
pink flowering crabapple

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