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It's pretty amazing how a bonsai 'artist' can make small trees look like windblown, mature specimens growing out in nature.  With the help of time, and through careful pruning of roots and branches, along with proper training of these trees, amazing end results can be achieved.


Bonsai (pronounced bone-sigh) is an ancient art of growing plants in container to represent mature plants found in nature. Bonsai originated in China, was further developed in Japan, and is now popular throughout the world.

When a plant is selected for bonsai training, it may be in any stage of its life: a tiny seedling or a 100-year-old tree. In some cases, the actual age of the plant is not known.

For bonsai, age is not the most important quality. The shape of the plant determines its true character, also reflecting the skill and knowledge of the gardener. In the true tradition of bonsai, it is the combined beauty of the plant and container, the "overall aesthetic," that is most important.

During a visit to Longwood Gardens we captured the following images of bonsai plants that were on display.  The 'Hornbeam Grove' was my favorite, so we begin with two photos from different angles:

Hornbeam bonsai


Grove of Hornbeam bonsai trees
bonsai tree
crooked bonsai
tall bonsai
pine bonsai
twisted trunk bonsai
gingko bonsai
What is bonsai?
bonsai rock
flowering bonsai
bonsai pine tree


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