Apple Varieties

Apple pie or healthy snack?

We've all heard the old saying,
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Apples really are good for you, providing fiber, vitamins and a low calorie snack. They are easy to transport with a lunch or school snack, and will store well for extended periods in the refrigerator.

My personal favorite apple for snacking is the RED DELICIOUS, but only if they are very crisp and fresh.

We have one of those metal apple tools which is sold at most cookware stores -- in a single motion, you press it down through the apple, cutting out the core and leaving the rest of the apple in neatly cut wedges.

Some people even like to add peanut butter to their apple slices!  Or maybe an Apple Pie?

Here are the basic types of apples and their main characteristics:

Granny Smith apple

Granny Smith

Crisp with a very tart flavor.
Pie baking favorite that is also good for other uses. 
Available year round.

Jonathan apple


Mildly tart flavor.
Excellent for snacking and baking.
Available September - August.

McIntosh apple


Top selling apple with juicy flavor. 
Great for snacking and baking.
Available September - June.


Red Delicious apple

Red Delicious

Sweet and crisp with a thick skin.
Excellent apple for snacking but poor for other uses. 
Available year round.

Red Rome apple

Red Rome

Slightly tart flavor. 
Great for baking and apple cider. 
Available October - August.

Winesap apple


Tart, spicy wine-like flavor.
Great for baking, applesauce and apple cider.
Available November - July.

Yellow Delicious apple

Yellow Delicious or Golden Delicious

Sweet and juicy with a thin skin. 
Great for snacking and baking.
Available year round.


Growing bigger apples

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