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Imagine living inside a tree

Living inside a tree

It was by sheer chance that I found this huge Sycamore tree in a Pennsylvania park. My original mission was to locate some buttonballs (the nickname for a Sycamore's seed pods) in order to post a photo of the seeds on the tree FAQ page. It was with a high degree of delight and wonder that I came across this old monarch in the process!

The location of many huge, record-setting Redwoods is kept a secret so that anxious admirers don't flock to the tree's location and cause damage with excessive foot traffic and resulting soil compaction. In that vein, we will tell you that this huge Sycamore is in a SW Pennsylvania park known as Mingo Creek County Park, but won't say exactly where the tree is located. My photos will provide you with a nice visit though.


The hollowed-out trunk is large enough to live in, and brought to mind a children's story with bears residing in a tree trunk. It only took our daughter a split-second to answer my email question: "Which children's story had a family (...of bears?) living in a tree trunk?" To which she quickly replied, "it was the Berenstain Bears."

Use a bit of your imagination and visit The Sycamore Treehouse...


Use your imagination, just a little...

Massive branches of the monarch This huge monarch spreads its massive branches over a nearby creek
A nearby picnic table is dwarfed by this huge Sycamore trunk! Eight to ten foot diameter trunk!
The Sycamore has thrived for decades on this flood plain Viewing the tree from the side only begins to hint of something unusual about the trunk
Grand Entrance!
This massive trunk cavity is hidden from the view of most who pass by
This tree cavity must be a record setter!
Over 20 feet of the tree trunk is hollow Standing inside this huge Sycamore's trunk looking up through the extensive cavity
How many people could live inside this tree? 
A couple for sure, and a family perhaps!
Grand entry to your treehouse?


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